Tuesday, September 22, 2015

British Rebels at Topshop SS2016

I absolutely love the latest Topshop Unique collection for Spring/Summer 2016. Loved the description by creative director Kate Phelan - “Princess Margaret meets Courtney Love at a debauched garden party. ..She’s raided her mother’s closet for random heirloom pieces: marabou furs, gemstone chandelier earrings and cable-knit cardigans.” Said Phelan: “It’s less about good taste. There was no real formula about how things should be worn together. It’s that Topshop thing, about finding your own style within the collection.” I'm totally seeing Courtney here, especially the feminine tea dresses and nonchalantly draped furs with slashes of red lip.
I also see a dash of 'Desperately Seeking Susan" with satin blazers and touches of lace and a "thrown together' vintage vibe - which also harks back to grunge, along with cardigans and the aforementioned tea dresses. The show notes described “a beautiful British rebel” who is “first past the post at any social engagement”. This English vibe is seamlessly infuses with the grunge look, particularly the cricket style vests, trenches, furs and Wedgewood style prints. Fabulous.
Courtney & Amanda DeCadanet, 1995 & Courtney in fur

Topshop SS16 furs
Topshop SS16
 Topshop SS16
Topshop SS16
Madonna & Rosanna Arquette in Desperately Seeking Susan
Topshop SS16

Courtney's influence was also glimpsed at Marc Jacobs, who worked with Francois Nars to create disheveled rock-chick glam. Marc of course is known as for his groundbreaking grunge collection for Perry Ellis in 1992, when he shocked the fashion world with flannel, shrunken cashmere cardies, floral dresses with Doc Martens.

Marc Jacobs SS16

 Topshop SS16

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

K-Beauty - Korean Beauty Faves

Irene Kim at Seoul Fashion week 2014
Korea has long been known as a mecca for innovative beauty and skincare products, hence the term K-Beauty. As well as creating ground breaking new products, high quality ingredients are used and prices are very reasonable, making the products all the more covetable. It wasn't until BB creams (a must-have beauty product originating from Korea) hit the European market in 2011 that many of us sat up & took notice. Then came oil cleansers, which have been popular in Korea for years.
Irene Kim at Seoul Fashion week 2014
The K-Beauty phenomenon is growing a large following. American Korean model & beauty blogger Irene Kim (above) has recently been recruited by international skincare heavyweight Estée Lauder as a Global Beauty Contributor. Young women flock to her for beauty and skincare advice, and K-Beauty products are popping up all over international beauty media. 
Kang Sora for Vogue Korea, May 2015
With a large Korean population here in Auckland, I have always noticed Korean girls' (and boys') modern and quirky sense of style but moreover, their beautiful skin. Clear, porcelain-like and so youthful. There is even a word for it - 'chok chok', which means 'plump and moist'. But they work at it! "It's a matter of putting in a little effort to get the best out of yourself" says Euny Hong, author of The Birth of Korean Cool. "In our culture, we work hard at everything. Why shouldn't that ethic apply to beauty?" (Allure Magazine).
The average Korean woman is known to have from 8 to a staggering 17 steps in her regular daily skincare regime alone, from masks and mists to serums and SPF.  Charlotte Cho, founder of Soko Glam lists an average evening routine:
1. Prep and pre-cleanse
2. Second cleanse
3. Exfoliate
4. Tone
5. Essence/Face mist
6. Serum
7. Patch/Mask
8. Eye cream
9. Moisturize
10. Sleep pack
Kang Sora for Vogue Korea, May 2015
I've never been to Korea but I recently watched Rachel Hunter's Tour of Beauty's South Korean episode. It touched on the dedication to beauty, but mostly focussed on the penchant for plastic surgery and medical intervention from a young age and herbal medicine.  I wanted to know - and see - much more, particularly the amazingly packaged and cutting edge skincare & beauty gems I keep hearing about. K-Beauty is big on exfoliation, especially blackhead eradication for blemish free skin. Also clear, radiant skin through cleansing, hydration and great foundations. A luminescent visage and no sight of pores is key. Of course, SPF is a must.
“Porcelain, dewy skin is the measure of beauty. An ancient measure of beauty is to have a glow visible from 10 steps away.” The ideal is a complexion that’s practically transparent, with zero pigmentation" Hilary Burns-LaRiche, Marketing Manager at Amore Pacific.
Here are 15 finds I'd love to try!
With one sold every 30 seconds, this compact is a beauty revolution! The sponge is soaked with the foundation and full of air bubbles, so when applied with the air cushion it creates a smooth, flawless coverage with no caking or buildup. Also contains 50+ SPF, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E derivatives and Vitamin P.

Banila Co. Miss Flower and Mr. Honey Hydrogel Mask Sheet
K-Beauty loves a sheet mask. This one is packed with botanical extracts and royal jelly to hydrate and firm your skin.

Innisfree Black Head Good-bye Finger Tip Silicon
K-Beauty is full of products to wage the war on blackheads. This little thimble-like tool has two different textures which exfoliate pesky blackheads. Can be used with or without cleanser. Innisfree have loads of amazing products, all in eco-friendly packaging using natural products from the volcanic island of Jeju.

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Black Head Out Balm
Another blackhead fighter. This thick balm contains particles of volcanic clay which mops up oil & reduces pores.
Hera Vital Lifting Tapping Pact
Protein butter & vegetable oil are part of the ingredients to create a silky foundation that combines cream + foundation + powder. It is applied by 'tapping' it on using the 4D mushroom shaped foam applicator for flawless coverage.

Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow + Eyebrow Shaping Kit
A felt-type pen tint which you can use to draw in brows which can last up to a week.
Innisfree Eco Science White C Double Eye Circle Cream
A duo treatment for dark circles which has SPF for daytime & Vit C to brighten and revitalise your under eye skin over night - what's not to love?

Innisfree Mint Green Tea Scaler
Get rid of product build up & gunk. I always have trouble finding clarifying shampoos here. This green tea & pepperminty beauty will cleanse, sooth and refresh your scalp.
The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Rice Cleansing Oil
Cleansing oil is huge in South Korea, and for good reason. Oil is extremely effective at removing make-up and lifting dirt & impurities out of your skin, whilst keeping skin hydrated, but not dry, or oily. I'm a recent convert.

Banila Clean It Zero Purity Oil cleanser
A solid balm that turns to a cleansing oil on your skin.

Etude Missing U Hand Cream. In super cute packaging that K-Beauty is renowned for,  this moisturizing hand cream contains shea butter & 6 types of organic ingredients, a god send, and a portion of sales goes to endangered species.
Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch
A berry-flavored hydrating lip mask.

A'Pieu Lifting V-Line Patch
Sheet masks are really popular in South Korea. This one is for tightening that jowly jawline.

Laneige Two-Tone Lip Bar
This two tone lipstick makes the ombré look a cinch.

Aritaum Baby Face Mist
Face mist is a fave of Irene Kim. This brand comes in 3 varieties - Smooth Radiance, Firming Honey Radiance and Hydra Radiance, made to wear on top of your make-up. I remember in the 90s, we used to spray Evian on our faces to 'set' makeup & 'add hydration'.

For more Korean beauty products, check out Soko Glam.
For beauty tips, head to these Korean Beauty Bloggers or pick up The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin by Charlotte Cho  .작별!


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