Friday, August 13, 2010

My Style Icons #3 - I heart Jess Hart

I love Aussie model Jessica Hart. She has the most amazing body ever and SHE EATS PIES! (OK maybe not frequently). I saw here recently on The City - Whitney Port was dating Jay from Tamarama, Jessica's boyfriend's Nicolas Pott's band. She came across and laid back and cool and was absolutely stunning. I've mentioned her once before in a previous post (here)
Jessica & Nicolas

Also love all the supercool pics of her mooching around New York (where she is based) on her Blog - LOVE her style. Simple, sexy, cool.
Jess is a good Aussie girl and these Seafolly pics make me look forward to Summer, the beach and a forthcoming (albeit fleeting) trip to Sydney! Will definitely check out Jess's line for General Pants, Neon Hart whilst in Sydney too.
Hoping to go to Bondi beach, hit Tuchuzy then sink a few Cascades at the wonderfully pink Hotel Bondi :-)
Great to see aboriginal model Samantha Harris featuring in the Seafolly ads also:

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