Friday, June 17, 2011

Stone Cold Foxes

Wildfox is one of my fave labels (I have 2 of these Tees). I've long been a fan of their rock chick style butter-soft rock tees, lolly-bright colours & kooky cool prints. LA designers Emily and Kimberley love vintage tees and that cool LA style. Available online or selected pieces locally at Superette Store. From FOAM magazine:

What are some of the inspirations behind your t-shirt designs?
Emily: We pull inspiration from almost everywhere! Movies we love, muses like Marie Antoinette, Native American artwork, 80s color schemes, 90s T.V. shows- what inspires us most are things that make us happy and the cultures and ideas that we think are beautiful.

When you were five-years-old, what did you want to grow up to be?
Emily: I’m pretty sure I wanted to be a Broadway star or a My Little Pony.
Kim: A veterinarian... I love animals.

What type of girl wears Wildfox Couture?
Emily: Girls who love singing along to cheesy pop songs in their car with their friends, who always have a crush, who are free spirits. Girls who put roses in their bedrooms and teepees in their front yards.

I adore this campaign, It's only Rock & Roll but I like it. Same name as a previous Post I did on my love of the Stones and their girlfriends' style. The shoot by Emir Eralp is inspired by Cameron Crowe's "Almost Famous", Anita Pallenberg, Elton John, The Rolling Stones & rock gigs through the eys of some hot 70's groupies - quintessential Wildfox girls. And great to see local beauty Zippora Seven from 62Models starring!


  1. Love the b&w images of he woman with the glasses..fabulous !

  2. Yes - stunning! I want the red star jumper..

  3. I have the red star jumper and it's amazing :)
    great post!

  4. Ooh Jasmine, where did you get the jumper?? I couldn't find it online!


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