Saturday, September 24, 2011

LA Rock Chic

I love LA style. I have never been but I have always been inspired by the music & movies which paint LA as an exciting of glamour, rock & roll and sunshine! I did live in Sydney for 7 years and a friend told me: "Sydney is more LA than LA!" Ha! My sister Banana-meetcute (check her out here) is venturing there soon so I am very excited to hear about her travels and see the trip chronicled on her Blog, her and Mr Meetcute being avid and clever photographers. 
As a child of the 80's, I grew up listening to Motely Crue, Poison & Guns n Roses, trying to get my hair as BIG & high as possible (Kelly Bundy style). I dreamed of running away to the Sunset Strip, partying with Tommy Lee and living at the Chateau Marmont. This phase indelibly left it's mark on me - thankfully, it is more pared down now (and am no longer a size 8 or able to rock Daisy Dukes - although I saw these today and fell in love. Oh to to be 21 again eh? Or Fergie!). These days I can barely pry myself away from boots, jeans, leather jacket & & a washed out Tee. Laid back ease. But on the flip-side, I also love a bit of that glitzy trashy glam look that harks back to those hedonistic Hollywood Wives/Dynasty days (yep - I read it/watched it. No surprises there really - I loved Alexis and Sammy-Jo). Here are a few of my latest fave 'LA rock chick' looks.
of Wildfox (Not Sonic Youth!)
One of my fave brands, Wildfox, embodies that laid back Summer Rock Chick LA style - they are based in LA and their talented designer Kimberley Gordon also shoots most of their campaigns.

OK,  Jess Hart lives in NYC, but I love her laid back rock-chick style and  amazing collection of rock tees!
 Pics  from here and here
Pic from here
Another consummate rock chick who works a great look is the fabulous Erin Wasson. see more on her Low Luv line here.
Scarlet Johansson at the Chateau Marmont bu Anne Leibovitz


  1. Yeah, I'm pretty excited about LA! Will definitely be taking heaps of photos!

  2. Yippee! I wanna try In n Out Burger & yummy Mexican treats!!


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