Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pretty Woman Nicole Trunfio

Aussie Nicole Trunfio is one of my favourite models, and yes, another Aussie! Hailing from Perth in Western Australia, she gets her sultry Euro look from her Italian father. However her dark features got her attention for the wrong reasons at school when she was teased for being "too tall, too skinny, too Italian and too different. All the people who bullied me came from broken homes. These kids were so disempowered that bullying was the only way they could feel empowered...I recently had a meeting at the UN in New York. They included me in a project they are doing and we addressed this subject and how we could influence a positive transformation in the world. There were times when growing up when I wanted to disappear, but I am glad I didn't because going through all that rough stuff made me wiser, more whole and more human. I can deal with anything now." Source
The lanky tomboy was spotted by a booker and won a modeling competition in Perth and in 2000 she went on to win Search for a Supermodel. Unlike many TV model quest alumni, Nicole's career has gone stellar, walking for the likes of  Dolce & Gabanna, Versace, Christian Dior, Gucci, Fendi, Cavalli, Chanel  and Vivienne Westwood. With her razor sharp cheekbones and dark eyes, she reminds me of a baby Sophia Loren - not dissimilar from fellow Italian stunner, Isabeli Fontana

Nicole is a Wheels & Dollbaby fave (both Perth natives!) and walked for their 25th Anniversary show last month (more pics here).
 I love this tongue in cheek Pretty Woman shoot by Aram Bedrossian for LoveCat #2.

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