Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bare Face Cheek

I love a blusher! I remember doing a fish-face and dousing my cheeks in a thick layer of my mum's heavy powder blushers in the 80s, resulting in looking like Cher. The ritual of taking the plump powder brush and clicking open a shiny Estee Lauder compact made me feel very grown up! These days there are so many blush options, and I use them all.

Benefit's Benetint is a must-have in my makeup kit, a raspberry stain that works well on lips and cheeks that is my every day staple for a fresh natural look. It comes in a bottle with a small brush and all you need is a tiny dab, but blend it fast, as it will stain cheeks. It gives you that 'pinched-cheek' natural flush. The tints now also come in Posie (a lolly pink), Lolli (an orchid pink) and Cha Cha (a mango coral). The Balm's Stainiac is another favourite which comes in a handy tube with a cotton bud type applicator.
My faves are Benefit and Bourjois (which I need to buy from the UK). I like a slightly coral infused pink so Benefit's Coralista is perfect, and comes in a super cute cube box with brush. Dandelion by Benefit is another great shade, a pretty pale pink. For more of a colour pop, try Benefit's Bella Bamba, a watermelon pink infused with gold that provides a 3D effect. It works well on a tanned olivey skin. Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher Powders are another of my faves. They also come with a brush and have a great range of colours in 12 pretty shades, so plenty to choose from.
Creams give you a really great natural look and blend well. I can't go past NARS - The Multiple in Orgasm - a gorgeous peachy-pink with a subtle iridescent golden glow. The stick has the most beautiful creamy texture that just sinks into the skin. The Multiple now comes in 14 shades & can be used on lips, eyes or body. I also love Palm Beach, a rich goldy bronze.
Where to blush
My friend makeup, stylist & photographer Owen Allison recommends to apply blusher high on the apple of the cheek, as it has an anti-gravity effect. "Avoid blush on the hollow of the cheek, as this leaves the face looking exhausted." On the apple (the high, rounded bony part) of the cheek is definitely the most flattering. Keep it high!

Blush on the run
If I'm caught short and need a pick me up but don't have blusher on me, I'll just blend some lipstick to my cheeks. Great if you've been at work & decide to go out but have a pasty washed out face! I find I never seem to have a blush on me. I generally keep a concealer, lipstick, chapstick & black eyeliner in my bag, which usually cover most beauty emergencies!

Fixing shattered powder blush
Ever dropped your fave blush or eyeshadow on the  bathroom floor and watched it smash into a million pieces? There is a solution! Pour the powder into a small plastic bag (like a freezer bag) and press down to make a loose powder. Then carefully pour it back into it's container. Grab some rubbing alcohol/surgical spirit from the chemist and add a few drops at a time to the powder mixing with a cotton bud until it is damp, but not watery. Press it firmly back into the container and let dry. The alcohol will evaporate out and leave you with a nice firm compact again!

Bare Face Cheek

NARS The Multiple - Orgasm

Benefit Benetint

Benefit Coralista

Benefit Dandelion

Nars The Multiple - Orgasm

TheBalm Stainiac

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