Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pop of colour for Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham's designs have come a long way since her suck-you-in body-con dresses. I must say I prefer her corseted, hour-glass dresses, but was also impressed with her latest collection. The immaculate cuts and structure is still there. It's hard to pinpoint VB's aesthetic now, as many of her collections seem so different. Some of the geometric lines of the SS15 dresses and bold prints remind me of Prada. I love the languid silhouettes of the maxi dresses, and the tapered cuts are still there to a degree. I'm not so keen on some of the baggy saggy designs, like the blue cloqué dress from last Spring.
The florals reflect the quirky side of her aesthetic (as does her rather 'island style' frilled pink dress she wore the day after, below). The suiting & neutral colours are very VB - chic & cool, yet sexy. 
"This collection seemed more like a turn in a new direction than ploughing over seasons past (although, yes, the hemlines remained midi, Beckham has explored this length before and it suits her well, proving that women don't have to be 5ft 9 and up to pull it off). There was a cheery pink floral print that popped up on natty trousers and army jackets which Victoria said she employed to "perfume" the line up. It did look pretty - and new. Everything certainly had great hanger appeal - but some of the dresses which she has built her brand upon were disappointingly missing here, so too an element of wow evening wear (yes, she's a mother of four but we all know she's a sharp dresser come night). Those ideas would have been good to have witnessed - and they do exist in her broader selling collection - just not in the edit of her catwalk show." Vogue

"If you were to psychoanalyse the clothes, you could say that they have become less about a perfect body and more about personality. The Victoria Beckham woman has a shape to her as a person, which is no longer defined by her waist size. I put this to Victoria. She is sceptical – “there was more corsetry at the beginning because we were a small team, with a smaller skill-set, as the atelier expanded we’ve been able to try more things” – but agrees that the way she herself dresses has changed. “Because I’m coming to work every day, I tend to wear things that are a little looser; if I want to look dressy, I put on my sunglasses. I used to wear clothes which would make me stand out and now I don’t so much because I don’t feel I have anything to prove.” Her day look seldom swerves beyond navy, black, cream and grey; as well as her own label, she wears Céline, Saint Laurent, Comme des Garçons." Jess Cartner-Morley for The Guardian

As well as some chunky 90's style heels, VB has also designed brogues! Her first flat shoe. Describing the woman she imagined would wear her footwear line, VB told MailOnline: "She is cool and confident - as happy in a pointed flat as well as a platform‎." I'm not  fan of brogues at all, but I do like the leopard pony-hair show. They looked fab with the white suit.
"As her brand has grown, Beckham has branched beyond the sexy, fitted dresses with which she made her first big splash. That's necessary and good, though not always easy. You couldn't fault the cool precision of this collection, but it did make you long for the days when she put a little wiggle on it."

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