Thursday, November 27, 2014

Kate's Beauty Must-haves

Kate Moss has just revealed her latest beauty must-have to Grazia magazine. As suspected, Rimmel lippie & St Tropez products feature (both of whom she is a spokesperson for), and her good friend makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury's products. She name-checked Filmstar Killer Cheekbones Palette by Charlotte Tilbury, and also advises that instead of using eye-shadow, she'll smear on a good eye-liner which gives good pigment & stickability.

"Nicola Joss does an amazing lymphatic drainage facial using Sanctuary Spa Wonder Oil Serum. It’s like getting a natural facelift."

"I love a tan. You just look healthier in general and you can get away with a late night with a tan – it covers up a multitude of sins, as well as making your body looked more toned and defined."

""Factor 50 is a must on holiday: I was a real sun-worshipper - I loved it, boiling and lying out there. But now I don't do that… Now I have factor 50 - I had never put on factor 50 in my life!"

"I use St Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil on my face and body before a big night. A red lip and glistening skin is my failsafe party look. It’s nice to have a neutral but glowing face and eyes and then a strong lip for a pop of colour."

"My mouth is my favourite feature, which is probably why I love lipstick so much. I've always loved a red lip, but lately I've been really into nudes. I love lipstick. It makes me feel more 'done'. I wear a beige lip in the day, but red when I'm going somewhere. I just slick it on, I don't bother with lip liner,"

"My favourite Rimmel products are their mascaras (see below), their eyeliners and lipglosses. I can't live without black eyeliner - it's my absolute essential."

"I always use pencils on my eyes; they’re soft with a bit of a shine so you can smudge them to look just like an eye shadow. Once it’s on it doesn’t budge. My hero is Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick in 001."

"For winter I like a fragrance that’s a bit moodier. I love to mix bronzers and highlighters to contour and bring out my cheekbones. Charlotte Tilbury does a great Filmstar Killer Cheekbones Palette that I love."

Kate's go-tos

St Tropez sun care
$27 -

Beauty product
$130 -

Charlotte Tilbury pencil eyeliner

Charlotte Tilbury pencil eyeliner

Rimmel curling mascara
$12 -

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