Thursday, August 20, 2015

Another smokey eye nude look

Antonia Prebble as Rita West, Westside
The gorgeous Antonia Prebble plays Rita West in Westside, the Outrageous Fortune prequel (a brilliant Kiwi show, whose cast includes Banshee's Antony Starr and Ugly Betty's Grant Bowler). As you know, I loooove a smokey eye and nude lip look! Rita is my latest beauty inspo. This article outlines how to get Rita's look. "Maya Bailey, hair and makeup designer for Westside says she wanted Rita's look to reflect her character - "very sensual, strong minded and a little dark"." It's all about the blunt fringe and the eyes for me.

This is the real powerhouse of Rita's look, and what grabbed our attention in the first place.

Wanting to keep it as clean and sharp as the rest of the look, Bailey started with the same concealer she used on Prebble's cheeks as a base. You could also use a cream eyeshadow in a shade close to your skintone - work with what you have. 

She then worked gold and bronze eyeshadows across the upper lid, focussing right down by the lashline. We used a mix of Chopper and Half Baked from Urban Decay's Naked 2 pallete (AUD$75.20 from Beauty Bay), but anything along those lines will work. That's another thing we love about this look - it doesn't rely on any products we didn't already have an equivalent of. Good stuff. 

For Rita's signature cat eye, Bailey started with a liquid liner on the top lash line, extended out into a wing. We love Stila's Stay All Day pen liner (AUD$24.60 from Beauty Bay), but stick with what you know here. Getting a pair of clean, reasonably symmetrical eyeliner flicks is hard enough without getting your head around a new product.
Bailey says she imagined Rita had formed her makeup identity in the late 60s, which means a nude lip for sure. In keeping with the limited colour pallette, you want to go for a creamy lipstick that works on you.
If you don't already have a favourite, try Maybelline's Colour Sensational nudes. They're $21.99 at Farmers, and they have a good colour range, so you'll be able to find one that doesn't wash you out like a nude lip sometimes can. 
With that all done, tease your hair, chuck on a mini skirt, and try to convince your hairdresser to cut you a blunt fringe (ours refused). You're now ready to bury some gold in the backyard, dob the neighbour in for selling pot and support your partner through a prison sentence. Perfect."

The Nude Look

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