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Nude by Nature

Nude by Nature Brand Ambassador Elyse Taylor
Lately there has been a seismic shift at beauty halls. Back in the noughties you would stroll through department stores, pharmacies and duty free shops to be greeted by stalwart beauty powerhouses like Estee Lauder, Lancôme, Chanel, Clinique, Dior and Elizabeth Arden taking pole position. These days all-natural and organic skincare and cosmetic brands such as Trilogy, Go-To Skincare, Antipodes, Living NatureManuka Doctor and Sukin are shunting these stalwarts out of the way. Back in the 80s & 90s most natural brands were buried in the back corners of pharmacies and at health food stores, relegated to hippy status, and to be honest - many of them just did not have good quality ingredients or seem to work that well. While we liked the idea of using all natural make up, we also needed products that did the job. These days we are spoiled for choice with loads of top quality, effective all-natural brands that are not tested on animals (i.e. cruelty free),  organic, free of nasty toxins and that really work.
Given the amount of time makeup like foundation sits on your skin, I'm all for toxin-free, all natural products - even better if they are also cruelty-free, which is hard to find in the beauty industry. But I'm loathe to sacrifice quality, and effectiveness. A new fave brand is Australia's Nude by Nature - which is literally that. It uses 100% natural products and is so light and fresh, your skin looks healthy and natural. It is a complexion brand - skin friendly in every way. Natural ingredients include moisturizing Jojoba, Avocado Oil and Green Tea as well as powerful anti-aging antioxidants Vitamin C and E from Australian native ingredients Lilly Pilly, Quandong and Kakadu Plum. The best part is that it is not tested on animals, and is free of parabens, talc, silicones or bismuth. I've been trying out their foundations and am very pleased with the results. The coverage is smooth and natural, smoothing imperfections whilst giving a fresh look.
Now in my 40s, I need to stay away from heavy foundation which is so aging - hence I'm a big fan of BB creams. However - I do get discoloration and spots so I still need effective coverage, without caking my face. Nude by Nature's Liquid Mineral Foundation does the job. It comes in a slimline pump and is lightweight with a lovely smooth texture. I often find foundations greasy, chalky, or almost gritty. The coverage is medium, not too heavy with a natural, dewy finish. I like that it is water-based, with no synthetic ingredients. It also contains Kakadu Plum, Lilly Pilly and Quandong which are full of antioxidants and hydrating. It is recommended you use a foundation brush (try this one). Start in the T-Zone and blend outwards, then down the jaw line and neck and use the edge of the brush for eyes and the corners of your mouth and nose.
As my makeup artist and stylist friend Owen Allison says, brush technique is key: "Using a flat-top brush and working foundation in is the quickest way to go for that invisible makeup look. Then “polish” the skin with a kabuki or powder brush by rolling on powder and brushing across." You can build up the Liquid Foundation to a coverage that suits you, but I find that using Nude's Liquid Mineral Concealer on spots and problem areas paired with the foundation helps me cover my dark sun spots and discoloration patches best, while maintaining a great natural look. The concealer is also good for brightening under eyes, containing nourishing Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter. It is also water soluble, so easy to remove at night. This is my "every day" go to coverage routine if I'm leaving the house.
I love a BB Cream on days where I don't want to wear much on my skin. As a stay at home mum, using as few products as possible that are quick to apply are key! BB Creams have a great natural finish plus are multi-tasking. What's not to love? Nude's BB 5-in-1 Miracle Cream is fabulous, it as a light coverage that leaves your skin with a healthy glow. It will hydrate, correct, perfect, protect and radiate your skin. Another little gem of a product which gives you radiance is Nude's Soft Focus Illuminator. I have long used MAC's Strobe Cream - which is great - but this one is just as good. I use it as a highlighter smoothed across my cheek and brow bones, to disguise tired eyes and hungover skin. It's got a beautiful peachy, champagne-gold hue. You can also mix it with your foundation for an all-over glow. It's a great product because unlike lots of highlighters, it won't leave you looking sparkly or glittery.
I tried Nude's Pressed Mineral Powder. I haven't used a pressed powder foundation since using MAC's Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. To be honest, I've always struggled to get my application right. I used to just smear it on with a sponge - causing a rather unattractive, dense mask-like look. I've done my research and found that what you need is a Kabuki brush - the short, squat, fat ones (e.g. Mineral Brush).  Also make sure to moisturize first to act as a good base, especially dry prone areas. Load one half/side of your brush with powder, then tap off excess and let the product fall into the bristles, and roll it across the skin, pressing it into the skin, rather than smearing or sweeping. Press it where you need the coverage - like the T-Zone (forehead, nose & chin), then turn the brush and use the empty side to blend and polish with circular motions. You can build layers and coverage well using a brush. I like a natural look and have quite dry cheeks, so I generally only like to use Pressed Powder foundations for my T-Zone area to combat shine and set my make-up, especially if I'm off on a night out and likely to be in a muggy or hot area. Pressed Powder is good for a more matte, long lasting look and the longer you wear it, the better it looks and sets. Nude's is great. It is semi-matte so won't leave you looking chalky or mask-like. It comes with its own sponge, but as mentioned I would use a makeup brush to apply as it is far more effective for a controlled, even coverage.
Nude's Pressed Matte Mineral Bronzer is a great product too. With a matte coverage and it isn't too sparkly, this is a cult favourite for a natural, sun-kissed look. I like using a fat brush for my bronzer. I prefer pressed bronzers to powder, as I feel I get more control of how much product to use - as opposed to being enveloped in a cloud of brown powder & dust all over myself! I like the semi-matte finish too. Nude's contains Kakadu Plum which has Vitamin C, and Australian native flower Cehami extract which is an anti-inflammatory. It also contains Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter to moisturize and nourish the skin. You can sweep it over your foundation, or mix it with your BB creams or moisturizers, even add to body moisturizers and oils which is a great idea for bare legs.
 'If I wear too much makeup on my off days I will break out. I was attracted to working with Nude by Nature because their products are 100 percent cruelty free and have no synthetic ingredients or preservatives. As a mum it's really important because Lila is always in my makeup kit and running off with brushes and makeup, so it's one less thing I have to worry about' (Elyse Taylor, Huff Post) 'My top three products in my make-up bag right now are all by Nude by Nature. I love them because they are all natural and nourish your skin. 'The Pressed Matte Mineral Bronzer is a favourite – it gives the perfect glow without the damaging effects of the sun. When it comes to foundation, I like the Nude by Nature liquid best for its soft, dewy glow. But the loose powder also has a great finish.' 
Elyse Taylor, ASOS
 Nude by Nature Brand Ambassador Elyse Taylor
If you want to try an effective cruelty free, 100% natural beauty range, definitely give Nude by Nature a shot. Key points of this range are:

100% natural ingredients
Cruelty free
Includes Australian natural ingredients and antioxidants
Natural coverage
Good for sensitive skin
Free of parabens, talc, silicones or bismuth

I'm looking forward to exploring this range more.

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