Monday, April 5, 2010


I am a big Gossip Girl fan. Whilst Season Three is going a bit awry storyline wise, and I'm over Little J's ridiculous ratty over bleached extensioned contrived rock chick look - I continue to adore Serena's wardrobe! Blair is working her own look, the faaaaar too stitched-up preppie crossed with Audrey Hepburn, which belies her little vixen character. And headbands - no. Leave them to girls under 5 please - or Paris Hilton.

S has the most covetable wardrobe, which is always consistent & in step with her character. For down time casual, the waist coat/jeans/boots look paired with that amazing Palomino mane is tousled chic.

Now that her character's left college, I'm missing the stylised private school uniform look - white shirt, tie & mini kilt paired with fabulous scarves and jewellery. However, the new more sophisticated look & designer dresses are to die for. For events like galas at the Met, the polo & debutante weddings, she is always poured into a designer gown that she wears with confidence, oozing sex - but not trash. Confidence is the #1 BEST accessory for a sexy dress - any sign of nerves - (i.e. head down, hunched shoulders, eyes to the floor, or worse - shrouding the outfit with a cardigan!!) - and the whole outfit is ruined.

GG Costumier Eric Daman explains his inspiration for Serena - which funnily enough, echoes my favourite look... "For Serena, she's very sexy and the sort of inspiration is Kate Moss. It's about being tousled, putting anything on and looking fabulous."

Let's take a stroll down the Upper East Side...

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