Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wildfox has landed!

I am rather enamored with Wildfox. All of their marketing & press that I've seen appeals to me - glam rock, pink, shiney hearts, cool graphics, flamingos, glitter, hearts, wings, rock chicks, long hair, red lips. I just think the designs are styley and edgy and cute without bordering toooo far into try-hard tack and predictable, & the graphic design is clever & cool.

The ever gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio in 'Hawk' and 'Only' tops

They have a top that is the spit of one I made myself in 1996. I had seen the white T.Shirt with a red cross on it 'Rachel from Friends' wore, so bought myself some fabric paints and made my own version, got a white tee from the House of G and painted on a big red heart. Mine wasn't glittery though :-( I loved that thing! Must dig out a piccie...J.Lo has been spotted in this Wildfox sweatshirt version...

My new Wildfox tee arrived from the States yesterday, having taken almost 2 months on backorder. Of course as soon as I saw the Vicki B cover on Glamour, I HAD to have the tee. In charcoal, natch.

As a kid I loved those American football style Tees with the year on 'em. It looked so soft and I loved the fadey destroyed wash, plus the little rips - totally cool.

So the Tee arrived yesterday and did not disappoint. It is beauuuuutifully butter-soft, with a great raw edge hem, capped sleeve and sits not too tight but still fitted. There are 4 little wee silver studs just above the 'W' that tops off the look & gives it a little edge. I love a good T.Shirt, as my uniform is jeans & Tees, but although a ubiquitous item, getting the right fit, cut & fabric is as technical as jeans design as far as I'm concerned. It is so sublime I immediately jumped online to order the red one - now they are HERE!

Wildfox Couture Spring 2010 from Wildfox Couture on Vimeo.

Love the video, the fact that they used Blondie is just the cherry on top. I have finally got used to spelling it with one X. For some reason I kept adding an X. Wildfoxx!!! I guess because the label seems to be sooo glamour rock 80's that it seemed to fit. I usually hate all things 80's style but these T.shirts just remind me of Van Halen and Poison and GLAM ROCK.

So yes, Wildfox Couture is now available from Superette. Let's hope that the brash glam-slam rock style look doesn't end up falling into the realm of Ed Hardy. Ick. Or worse - end up on the Jersey Shore kids - Egad!!!!!

Check out Superette here...

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