Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Victoria Beckham & Ellen Von Unwerth

As with most editorials and shots by my favourite photographers, as soon as I glimpsed this shot I was drawn like a moth to the flame... I discovered the shot was by the incomparable Ellen Von Unwerth, one of my long term FAVOURITE fashion photographer and who I think takes the sexy shots of women since Helmut Newton. Victoria Beckham seems to have an innate knowledge of who's hot, the coolest, the best - always the best designers, stylists and photographers. I love that pose in the back of the limo, leg flung skyward in typical Von Unwerth abandon - and those amazing Bridget Back Silver Louboutins! Love. (Am obsessed with studded shoes ever since clocked Louboutins studded Ariellas 2 years ago - am currently in love with dsquared2's spiked, studded babies.) Fabulous. Here are my faves from 'Turk Modasi Serfine' for Vogue Turkey, August 2010 by Ellen Von Unwerth.
Von Unwerth's women are un-apologetically strong, sexy and not afraid to flaunt it. They're rock-chicks, sirens, glamazons & amazons. They are quite often drinking, eating, winking, smoking or draped louchely across a car/couch/man. I love the poses, the makeup, the fashions. Von Unwerth's women are typically long locked vixens with smoky eyes, 6 inch heels, a red lip and disheveled hair. And so it should be. Look how she has transferred the one & only VB into a curvy siren! Here are a few of my fave classic Von Unwerth shots, beginning with one of my favourite shots of all time which used to be on my bedroom wall in 1991 - Nadja Auermann's seminal shoot for Vogue UK - She is an Enigma (followed by other faves Salma Hayek, Gaga, Vanessa Paradis, Rosario Dawson, Liz Hurley, Drew Barrymore, Juliette Lewis & Alessandra Ambrosio who is currently on the cover of LOVE magazine - any amazing shot by Mert & Marcus)


  1. Ooh yeah, love the Von Unwerth shot in my Big Hair Blog, here: Ooh yeah. There are a few Ellen V. E shots in my Big Hair Blog!

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