Monday, December 20, 2010

Carine Roitfeld, we salute you

Farewell to the amazing Carine Roitfeld who has announced she will be stepping down from Vogue Paris after a decade. The polar opposite of her US counterpart Anna Wintour's polished bob and buttoned down tweed-look, Carine is the quintessential edgy, bad-girl rock-chick, all long fringe, smoky eyes, and spiked heels. This is a woman unafraid of animal print!
Anna Wintour & Carine Roitfeld
A fashion icon and hero of mine, I have long been impressed by the way that such a stylish woman who is over 35 STILL rocks the rock-chick edgy look to perfection with impeccable style and class. It can be done! She looks glam and sophisticated whilst never straying from her rock-chick sensibility. She also loves a good suit and combines man-style dressing without compromising her femininity.
“I love the combination of a masculine piece with a feminine piece. It’s very French, it’s very sexy. It’s my culture. It’s the way I was raised...And then there are the clothes, which are every bit as sharp as that hair. They are well-tailored and unafraid of sex. They are not nostalgic, or sentimental, or romantic, or pretty. They do not dabble in haute bohemia or the intellectual frump of recent fashion. They are harsh and clean and always, always, worn with a stiletto heel. Roitfeld herself says it is “very sexy, but very woman, and always some rock and roll, eh?” NY Magazine Interview, 2008. Here's to you Carinne!
 With Tom Pechaux
With Gucci's Frida Giannini

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