Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tis the season for Cool Jewellery

Dallas & Carlos chunky DXC bracelets in Cosmo mag
Over the Christmas and New Year I become more of magpie as usual, on the hunt for sparkly, colourful, BRIGHT eye-popping pieces to wear over the reckon they'd be great layered around wrists or ankles at the beach! Very Jade Jagger boho, beachside cool. These super cute ones are by Jewell Rock to be found at the fab Superette store.
I'm LOVING these funky acid bright pieces from Aussies Dallas and Carlos, an accessories label by styley Melbournians Katherine Etheridge and Jess Constance. The picture below is also from Cosmo, featuring the studded cowhide Vinnie Bracelet.
"The name Dallas and Carlos comes from when they were living in a small island in the south of Brazil called Florianopolis. They were living in the middle of town on the island in two separate apartments. “In Brazil, apartments are given names. I was living in a block called DALLAS and Jess was in a block up the road called CARLOS. Every morning we would chat and she would ask, ‘what’s happening in Dallas?’ and I would ask ‘what’s happening in Carlos?’, and that’s how the name was born.”
I love their use of popsicle -right colours and the chunky bracelets and cuffs. The Black Mail. Sexy, cool awesome stuff, available here from Superette. Check our their Facebook page for more.
Switching to more gypsy-boho, I adore Aussie jewellery designer, Cat Hammill. I fell in love with Cat's designs when friends introduced me to it her range in Melbourne last Christmas.
"In 2000, after travelling through Central and South America, Cat was inspired by the vivid colour and the amazing artistic ability of local Artisans and began importing furniture, primarily from Mexico and Central America. It was during this time that Cat began her foray into jewellery design, sourcing beads and charms from around the world to make for herself...Cat draws inspiration for her label through her travels to Asia, Paris and the US, with Los Angeles providing a colourful canvas of markets and vintage Hollywood stores to traipse through and gather ideas. Quirky, one-off vintage pieces inspired from a 60’s and 70’s bohemian era are sourced, adorned with a modern, fashion-forward touch but always keeping their authenticity."
Designed to be mixed, matched and layered, these are beautifully crafted made pieces made with leather, beads are sourced primarily from Brazil and Asia, hand-dyed wooden beads and Czech glass. The charms and trinkets are exquisite with lots of beautiful long drapey necklaces with charms & trinkets such a crosses and angel wings hanging from them - part luxe Boho, part Rock Chick with a good dose of Captain Jack Sparrow thrown in! I adore my angel wing leather necklace and really want this tasseled 'Pirate' necklace too! Johny Depp would be proud.
I've always loved Boh Runga's jewellery and her latest range, The Tiger Collection, is no exception.
"Each of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs has unique characteristics and those animal traits can mean harmony or conflict in their relationships with each other. Half the fun is recognising the traits in yourself. Some of The Tiger characteristics are strength, energy and passion. I consider The Tiger pieces to be for everyone, not just for those who are born under the sign. The Tiger is a great totem to wear – it is a symbol of courage and adventure. " Love the chunky tiger's head ring.
Stolen Girlfriends Club is another favourite jewellery designer. More subdued with that dark brooding Goth-Kiwi look, Marc Moore and Luke Harwood's had an urban, rock & roll edge and some fantastic designs. This 'Baby Don't Go' pick necklace is a favourite that I've mentioned in a previous post.
And apparently Bono bought this Pyramid Onyx ring when U2 played here last month.
Available from Superette again, and another fave local store, Black Box at The Department Store. See MORE fabulous jewellery HERE!

Happy New Year - Bling it Up!

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