Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gwyneth does it again

Forget Gaga in the egg - the outfit of the night for me was fabulous Gwyneth in a Stella McCartney jumpsuit reminiscent of the YSL Le Smoking tuxedo jacket, hot pink earrings and neon bright Louboutins - fashion gold! I have to say, Gwyneth never fails to disappoint me with her sartorial choices.
I love the bright injection of accessories with a super slick and sexy black outfit - I have been searching for long, drapey feather earrings all Summer! Boo - oh well, knowing NZ they'll come around for 2012 Summer.

Here is Gwyneth with Cee Lo Green - I adore her Glee version (watch that here)


  1. Ooh yes, love them! And am desperate for some dangly earrings!Either long tassles, or feathers.

  2. thanks Lou - I can always rely on you to keep me up to date with the goings on in the world of beautiful people xxx


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