Saturday, March 12, 2011

Whip it!

I recently watched this movie again. The main things I love about it is the rockabilly/punk/rock chick fashion, the absolutely brilliant Juliette Lewis (who stars as 36 yr old Iron Maven), and the music.

The great Soundtrack was put together by Drew Barrymore who directed and appears in the film, and includes The Breeders, Peaches, The Ramones, Har Mar Superstar and - Dolly Parton! The movie is a great feel good down & dirty, rock & roll chick flick also starring the fabulous Kiwi actress (& stuntwoman) Zoe Ball, singer Eve and Juno's Ellen Page.

Ellen Von Unwerth 'Hot Skates' editorial, Vs Magazine 2009
Juliette Lewis has long been a favourite actress/personality of mine, from blowing away audiences in Cape Fear, showing up at the Oscars with braided hair & Bard Pitt on her arm to her visceral, crazy-ass performances in Kalifornia and Natural Born Killers. She's just a cool chick, with cool style. She also fronted her own rock-band, The Licks, for about 3 years after she and her buddy from Courtney Love's band Hole attended a Blondie gig and though "We need more rock chicks!". Juliette appears to be the hybrid love child of Iggy Pop, Courtney Love, Peaches, PJ Harvey and Debbie Harry. Love it


  1. Whip It was great! I love those Vs magazine shots too.

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  3. Yes! Ellen Von Unwerth gold....I am having a Juliette moment :-) I bought the Soundtrack too - good times. Oops typos, had to re-post. That's what comes with 2 pints of beer for lunch!


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