Saturday, July 16, 2011

Glamping & Glasto Chic!

Sienna Miller at Glastonbury
I love looking at pics of the celebs at music festivals such as Coachella and the Isle of Wight, but especially the UK's iconic Glastonbury festival. (My sister loves Coachella style - check out her Blog here.) How I never got myself organized enough to go to Glasto whilst living in the UK, I don't know, but it is to my regret that I never did. Word is that this year, organizers wanted to tone down the fussy VVIP treatment, however that didn't deter the glitterati from parking up in luxury Winnebagos to avoid the great unwashed.
Kate Bosworth in Top Shop at Coachella
Beyonce & Jay-Z at Coachella
I recently came across the term glamping whilst watching 'The Only Way is Essex'. Harry, Amy, Sam & co get dressed up in their colourful sparkly best and go off 'glamping'. Quite hilarious indeed.In NZ, we have 'tramping'. It is about as glamorous as it sounds - Americans call it hiking. We don woolly clothes (we not being me, by the way), a huge backpack and trudge up and down the countryside. Granted, the countryside is jaw-droppingly stunning (think Lord of the Rings country), but I far prefer this idea of glamping! I love the Glasto-style - cut off shorts, fishnet tights, rocks tees. as long as you are in gumboots (Hunters, natch), you can say you're appropriately dressed! Last time I was in Karen Walker, a giant display of Hunters almost overshadowed the store. Karen also managed to single-handedly glam up the iconic Kiwi Swanndri - aka Swanny or Bush Shirt - a large flannel-check, woolen garment synonymous with farmers and rousies. (See more on Karen Walker for Swanndri here.) If you're in Auckland, check out the fab Newmarket store (above), or the utterly divine Department Store.
Swanny style
Karen Walker Swanndri bag
I must say I love Daisy Lowe's PVC pants below. I myself tried that look for the Millennium festie called The Gathering which was in Takaka Hill in Nelson, in New Zealand's South Island. I tried fashioning my own PVC pants from the meager resources available to me then - a black rubbish bag (fashion-fail) and ended up donning the bag over my clothes instead. Paired with a glow stick necklace and plastic supermarket bags inside my Converse trainers, it was hardly my best fashion moment. It was raining, muddy & freezing and all I had was a half drunk bottle of Jäger & a soggy roll-your-own fag to keep me warm.

Hunter wellies, plaid shirt (aka Flannie), an army-surplus (camo) jacket, cut-off denim shorts and Ray Ban Wayfarers seem to be de rigueur for festie fashion. Fabulous! Here are a few of my favourite Glastonbury outfits that I shall be filing away for the next gig!
Kate Moss
Emma Watson
Gwen Paltrow
Keira Knightley
Gwen Stefani
Poppy Delvigne
Elizabeth Jagger
Rosie Hungtington-Whiteley
Jamie Winstone
Lily Allen
Lily Donaldson
Daisy Lowe
Alice Dellal
Alexa Chung
Kelly & Luke in happier days
Florence Welch
Sara Blomqvist
Jo Whiley

See more fab festie looks here and below.
Festie Chic


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