Monday, August 22, 2011

Tom Ford & Gucci Luxe for Fall 2011

As here in Godzone we reach the end of Winter, I'm loving these rich velvety Fall looks from my fave, Tom Ford. Sultry Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel stars as a vampy film-noir type and knocks it out of the park. I love that Tom uses "real women" for shows and campaigns, i.e.women who have boobs & and a butt. I'm a sucker for rich violet, scarlet red and deep emerald green. Smoking hot. Totally reminds me of those early 90's glossy, Halston-esque looks for Tom's first few seasons at Gucci.
Amazonian beauty Lara Stone, below, stars in his latest fragrance and makeup campaigns.
Speaking of Gucci, their concurrent Fall 2011 campaign is very similar: Red, green, purple palette, glossy red lips, luxe 70's style decor, furs, velvets. Luxa-a-licious! This last one reminds me of one of my favourite images, Erin Cumming & Ryan Locke for Gucci F/W1998.


  1. I love how 90's luxe it is! Reminds me of Kate and Naomi dressed up to the nines in their supermodel days.

    Vulette x

  2. Tom Ford is such an icon...great images & post..!

  3. Thanks Wallace! I just love him.

  4. haha i forgot about that one from '98 - so good

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