Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Boiler Suit Chic

Kate, April 2013
In the Summer of 2003 I went to a Hens' Party of 11 women on the Northern Beaches of NSW, Australia. What ensued was 48 hours of one of the best parties I'd ever attended. (But that's another story). However it transpired that I found a red boiler suit in the car of a friend's father that we'd borrowed to drive up. He likely used it when changing tires & the like. Anyway, on it went, and I wore it with relish all weekend. I loved that boiler suit! It's probably still in the back of my friend's Dad's car. I wish I had one now. So I'm loving seeing the boiler suit fashion coming to the fore lately. 
Bambi Norwood in Rihanna for River Island
Check out these recent fab celeb boiler suit looks.

 Gwen Stefani in G-Star
 Heidi Klum
 Stella McCartney
 Cheryl Cole

Charlize Theron
Rose McGowan

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