Monday, May 6, 2013

Styley Mums

Elle UK November 1995
Yasmin Le Bon, Simon Le Bon, Saffron Le Bon, Amber Le Bon and Tallulah Le Bon

Years ago I saw this editorial in ELLE magazine, of Yasmin LeBon and her 3 daughters, and I thought "WOW. That's totally going to be me when I have kids!" Little did I know that motherhood isn't quite that glam - but you can certainly still have fun with fashion even as a brand new mum. No need to retire into trackies and uggs! (Well, unless at home, when it is definitely a leggings/trackies/uggs kind of environment for every day housework and baby-wrangling!) This Autumn I am definitely being inspired by these fashionable new mums. (Well, Kate & Victoria are not so new - but I couldn't leave my favourite fashion icons out, could I?)
Kate Moss & Lila

Gwen Stefani, Kingston & Zuma

Elsa Pataky & India


Sienna Miller & Marlowe

VB & Harper

 Giselle Bundchen & Vivian

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