Sunday, March 18, 2018

What would Kate Moss do?

Kate dancing to Bowie in her bedroom, by Nikolai von Bismarck

Advice on love, life and fashion from the iconic model, from British Vogue, December 2017.

How do you get ready in five minutes? 

Brush my teeth, brush my hair, curl my eyelashes, put a lip on and a spritz of scent. 

Block heels or spikes? 

If there was a gun to my head, spikes. 

What do you do if someone's late? 

It's unusual for someone to be later than me... except Naomi. 

What book should I read over the holidays? 

Full Service by Scotty Bowers. 

Do you share your wardrobe with your daughter? 

I'm saving a lot of my clothes for her. She said she would actually cry if she doesn't fit my shoes. 

How do you avoid the bores at a party? 
I don't gravitate to bores, and they don't gravitate to me. 

What should I wear with my LBD this season? 

Bondage boots. 

What's the best way to get the dancing started?

 Never Too Much" by Luther Vandross. 

How should I keep my cool when meeting a celebrity? 

Never ask for a selfie. 

What's a brilliant hangover cure? 

Oysters and a glass of chilled sauvignon blanc. 

How do you make the perfect cheese on toast? 

White toast, cheese thinly sliced on top, salt, pepper and a dash of Worcester sauce or Tabasco. 

How do I stay friends with my ex? 

You don't always want to stay friends with an ex. 

How do I let them down gently? 

Change the locks and block their number. 

Is it OK to sleep with someone on the first date? 

I believe in love at first sight. 

What would you do if you had E1 million and one day to spend it? 

Half to charity, then hit Bond Street with friends.

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