Monday, February 22, 2010

My Style Icons: 1. Daphne Guinness

Daphne Guinness is a a name we don't hear about much down under. You may be familiar with 'Guinness' though - yes, she's of the beer family. I came across Daphne Guinness in the society pages in Vogue, her image just leapt out at me and piqued my interest with her amzing two-tone hair and haute couture outfits. She always seemed to be hanging out with the coolest people - Isabella Blown, Tom Ford, McQueen, John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier. Then in 2008 I picked up this Italian vogue in Whitcoulls with Daphne on the cover and the shoot inside by Steven Klein blew me away.
Daphne was a Muse of Alexander McQueen, her ice queen looks, tiny stature and and shock of white hair & skin making her the perfect dolly for mcQueen to dress up in his outrageous, theatrical designs.
(She is the mysterious veiled gold figure, far left at the tribute to Alexander McQueen which opened London Fashion Week)

I can see why - she has this glacial cool and always seems to be groomed within an inch of her life. Posh may be seen in flats and barefoot on the beach, but not Ms Guiness! I love her latest quote:

“You know, the last blizzard, in December, I wore these (seven-inch-high) shoes and I walked twenty blocks in them, and then I tried to walk back and it was so cold. And my best friend Robin was like, You’re going to break your neck in those shoes. And I was sliding a bit, but I have a very steady walk,” she told us. “Shit happens. I guess I could break my neck tomorrow.”

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