Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Pixies

OK how could they announce a show at the Powersation the NIGHT BEFORE the main gig at Vector? Yes it would be utterly amzing but given my mates are already booked to fly up for the main gig, it's too late! Bloody hell.

Pixies Announce Second Auckland Show At The Powerstation

28th January, 2010

And the rumour is true, the Pixies will be playing a second show in Auckland at the Powerstation! Their first show at the Vector Arena sold out in record time and this one will too with only 1100 tickets up for grabs - prepare for tears. Tickets go on sale on Feb 4th from Ticketmaster.

Besides, I'd rather us all be Pixies virgins together.

Who are the Pixies? Visionaries! Rock/Punk you've never heard before, ranging from haunted ballads to searing, blood-curdling rock. Kurt Cobain's anthem 'Smells Like Tee Spirit' which took grunge from Seattle & Portland to the Top Ten, mainsteam success and adulation was a Pixies rip-off - "I was basically trying to rip off the Pixies". Some people recognise Where is my Mind, having been used in the movie Fight Club. Or the acoustic Wave of Mutilation from Pump up the Volume. At a push to create a relatively short list, I reckon my favourite Pixies songs would be:

Levitate Me
Where is my Mind?

Check it out...

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