Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brody Dalle & Spinnerette

Can't stop listening to Aussie born, LA based Brody Dalle's band Spinnerette's debut, self titled. Brody looks like the love child of Joan Jett, Angelina Jolie & Beatrice Dalle (from one of my my fave movies, 'Betty Blue', whose name she took after divorcing her first husband Tim Armstrong from Rancid).
Desperate, howling, blood sweat & tears ROCK - scorching vocals, crunching guitars and a bunch of angst chucked into mix. Dalle's guttural, angst-drenched vocals are a mixture of razor sharp at the core & velvet on top, ripping right through you to your heart. Having had a baby in 2005 & finding love may have softened Brody, the vocals are far less abrasive & aggressive than her previous band The Distillers, her time in the band peppered with her volatile relationship & break up with Tim Armstrong. but still a good kick-arse rock album. She roars like a banshee, yet seems fragile underneath.
From RollingStone, March 2009:
On her first album since the Distillers broke up in 2005, singer Brody Dalle returns with a new band, Spinnerette, and a new sound that's less straight-ahead punk than bruising, eccentric rock. Set for release this spring, Ghetto Love is also her first musical project since giving birth to a daughter. The album's overarching theme is difficult relationships, beginning with the gloomy, explosive "Cupid." ... Early results were revealed in January on a four-song EP (available here), including the title track's collision of melody and wild, frazzled guitar. "I couldn't imagine making a Distillers record right now. It's so far away," says Dalle, whose new recordings show the vocal influences of Blondie and Cibo Matto, with less rasp and more melody. "I'm more into the musicality of something now. I love writing songs ... I'm honing in and making it my craft and discovering new things."
All Babes are Wolves (of course) and Ghetto Love are faves. On the softer side, Impaler is a very cool catchy ditty she wrote with husband, Queens of the Stone Age fron tman Josh Homme.

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