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Giselle rocks Pam Hogg for British Vogue

I'm very fussy about mag covers. A cover can put me off buying a regular favourite, and a striking cover can encourage me to part with my readies at the drop of a hat without so much as a glance at the content of the magazine. I religiously buy UK Vogue and have done since my early teens when I switched from Dolly magazine to Vogue taking a cue form my Mum. I'd pour over the photos of Linda, Cindy, Christy et al. I adore this cover for the December edition shot by Mario Testino of Giselle rocking Pam Hogg leggings. Giselle's sky high pins are the perfect canvas for these striking leggings which make a festive and eye catching cover! 
"Gisele looks fantastic in the leggings, I made them a few years ago now, so they are from my archive but can  be worn at any time and in many different ways. Lucinda [Chambers, the Vogue  fashion director who styled the shoot], has a good eye - she's good at  choosing my timeless pieces." Hogg says that she was "knocked out" to see Gisele wear her  multi-colored, striped leather and lycra design. They were originally  created in 2008 and appeared in her Fall/Winter 2009-2010 collection. "For the show, my model wore them with a matching multi-coloured fur  jacket, but they're versatile," she explained. "I designed them with a  feeling of glam-rock-meets-Parisian-chic. It's a misconception that I  make punk clothes, I design with an individual style, and the punk era  welcomed that way of working. Gisele wears them in a very classy way,  and I love that." British Vogue
 Daisy Lowe 
The leggings are from Pam's 2009  London Fashion Week show, her first in over 10 years. the leggings were worn by Daisy Lowe, who I love, and the show also featured London It girls Peaches Geldof, Jaime Winstone and Alice Delall. 

 Daisy for Pam
 Jamie Winstone and Pam Hogg 
 Peaches  in Pam Hogg
 Siouxie in a Pam outfit
2008 Collection
 Daisy Lowe, Alice Dellal and Pam Hogg
I love Pam Hogg. Musician, DJ, designer and fashion rebel, she is kind of like a cross between  Vivienne Westwood and Pamela Anderson (who are great friends) - a cross  between punk wild-child and sexy Vargas girl. 
  Pam rocking out in her band
The iconic  image of Pam in I.D Magazine #72 - The Raw Issue (August 1989)

Pam Hogg is a Scot who started making her own clothes at age 6. Rocker Pam says "I loved the Stones and the Faces and later on Roxy Music and Bowie. I  grew up before stylists had become so dominant and bands were unafraid  to create a vision that reflected their own identity."Then she discovered Blitz Kids, hipsters who frequented Steve Strange's Blitz nightclub in Covent Garden London, a place to escape grey hum drum Thatcherite Britain and dress up like superstars and engage in their own world of fashion experimentation and exhibitionism. A melange of punk kids & musos including Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Boy George, Marilyn (yes, Gavin Rossdales' ex), Tony Hadley (from Spandau Ballet) and Pete Burns (pre-scary surgery). As the punk era faded, the Kids such as Boy George and Sandau Ballet looked to androgyny and created the New Romantic look, with musicians such as Marc Bolan and David Bowie as their style icons. The punk crossed with supersonic slightly alien style is still prevalent in Pam's designs today.
One thing I love about Pam is that she isn't formally trained as a designer, she didn't go to fashion school, she just made her dreams come true through perseverance & raw talent." I never design a collection on paper and then make it – it just all creates itself in my head, just like when I do a painting. It’s just that I have to edit faster than that to be in time for the new season. That’s good, though, as the time limit sets off a kind of creative frenzy where I have no idea what’s going to emerge next. It’s a high risk way of working but gives me the most pleasure and gets me the best results...Fashion means nothing to me. It’s always been about making clothes and dressing up." Vice Magazine
LOVE magazine Pam Hogg shoot by David Sims


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