Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More Miss Havisham Gothic Delight

After I posted this Blog about my obsession with Miss Havisham lace-goth style, I came across these pics from Prabal Gurung's Fall 2011 show. Gurung was inspired by the character. "It’s a book that I was given when I was probably 6 or 7 years old. At that time I was kind of unclear about who she was - she’s a crazy old lady, that’s what I thought. As I got older and kept going back to it, [I found that] there’s something extremely, extremely sad, but all of us can somehow relate to her. There’s something beautifully melancholic and romantic about giving everything up for love, giving so much". The looks in the campaign below also remind me more of a disheveled Cathy roaming the Moors in 'Wuthering Heights'.
"Gurung captured the disintegration that was central to Miss Havisham's character in a more believable way with dégradé furs that were echoed by the colored streaks the models wore in their mussed-up hair...Great Expectations' tragically faded Miss Havisham—was an unexpected and potentially risky choice for red-carpet favorite Gurung, whose latest offering was noteworthy for its midi-lengths and ultra-rigorous fits. But this ambitious designer is nothing if not up for a challenge; the question he asked himself: "Can I do undone?" The answer: why, yes."
Great Expectations looks to be having a resurgence with the BBC in the UK filming a mini series to coincide with the bicentenary in 2012 of the birth of Charles Dickens, to be shown over Christmas. X Files actress Gillian Anderson makes a very cool looking Miss Havisham.

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