Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Daphne Guinness for MAC

I'm excited to see Daphne Guinness's new collection for MAC, landing on Boxing Day. I saw that today the local Mac stores are showcasing her buddy Gareth Pugh 's range, which appears to be similar dark plum tones (below).Daphne's collection will follow his. To this end she says "We’re a gang. He’s like one of my brothers."
 Gareth Pugh for MAC
"When we first started working on colors, [Guinness] pulled a tiny watercolor case out of her handbag and, using her own saliva, began mixing colors immediately! When she walked into the office…You instantly understand how seductive she is as a person. Suddenly, you’re in love with her” James Gager, MAC Senior Vice President and Creative Director.
Daphne Guinness for MAC
"I tried to make myself look Japanese [as a child]…But instead of makeup I would use watercolors or acrylics or anything I could get my hands on. Sometimes I would paint pictures on my face, on my eyelids or whatnot.” Daphne Guinness. Inspirations include  “the whispered luxury of an antique Chinese porcelain vase” and “how the intricate wings of a butterfly resemble the images of deepest space". The 'Pigeon Blood Red' "was based on pigeon blood rubies. If you’re the owner of a pigeon blood ruby, you’ve hit the jackpot. It’s very difficult to get one. It’s a beautiful red that’s got the most blue in it."
 Daphne Guinness for MAC
Here are some pics from Daphne's December Harper's Bazaar Russia shoot by Alan Gelati.

 See more Daphne here.

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