Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Floral Summer

Wandering past Zambesi on Ponsonby Rd this morning I noticed this fabulous dress in the window. I love the acid-bright injection of florals, a splash of color against the usual neutral and dark Zambesi palette.

These prints remind me of Stolen Girlfriend's Karl Maughan print dresses. NZ fashion is embracing painterly floral looks this Summer. "It's an interesting concept and fun doing something slightly off-beat. I particularly like it on the light fabrics. It's also interesting in negative. They've changed it around and transformed it into something else" Karl Maughan. Stolen Girlfriends Club's Marc Moore says this is the first time they have used so much colour, to attract the Australian market.  

Stolen Girlfriends Club

I walked past these absolutely gorgeous pink and blush hued roses and peonies at the market on Ponsonby Road - reminiscent of Madame Hawke's latest dreamy, romantic, watercolour palettes for Spring and Summer.
 Madame Hawke
I am also loving Juliette Hogan's 'Vintage Florals' for Spring Summer 2012 - "Madame Hawke goes for a romantic, Peony-pink watercolour palettes."It’s summer at Juliette Hogan and our muse for the season maintains a tenuous grip on her usual polished exterior as she falls hopelessly and utterly in love. Clothes are thrown together, hair pulled messily back and cheeks are flushed as she moves about in a daydream through day and night with an air of mystery and adventure.  She’s the studious type with a trashy romance novel buried inside her text book... while fabrics flow fluidly at hems and on sleeves giving an air of softness and romance."
Juliette Hogan

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