Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spin me a Yarn

I have recently come across a new concept-'Slow Fashion'-preserving and promoting traditional methods and creating one-off and limited edition, hand-made pieces. I admire the philosophy and the beauty of such pieces. It's a philosophy we clean, green Kiwis can get on board with.

Alexandra Shulman, editor of British Vogue, says a lot of clothes now have all the "disposability of fast food" and a trip to a chain-store can be "as instantly fulfilling as a Big Mac and the thrill will last about as long".

Godfrey Deeney for Fashion Wire Daily, wrote after the last lot of menswear shows: "Just as slow-food fanatics enthuse about sustainable seafood, as the Paris season drew to a close last week designers were waxing lyrical about time-consuming production processes. The emphasis was on clothes made to last, which meant clothes that cost a lot and had a timeless yet quirky style: exceptional pieces where the craftsmanship, finish and quality are what counts, not the flashy first impression."

Check out local designers 'Lou and Ash' who adhere to the Slow Fashion movement. "
Lou and Ash is a new knitwear label based in New Zealand, creating extraordinary one-off pieces made by hand over months. It's been said that wearing one is like bathing in a rainbow." Their Facebook Page is here.
Crochet seems to be having a resurgence and appearing all over the catwalk - check out Chanel, Paul Smith and Romance is Born,Top Shop and Helmut Lang.
The gorgeous Julia Restoin-Roitfeld (daughter of Vogue's uber-cool Editor in Chief Carine Roitfeld) wore this spectacular crochet Mark Fast dress to the ELLE Style Awards in London.
Crocheted quirkiness at Odd Molly.
Loving Madge's Dolce & Gabbana crochet bag here too.
I also found this wonderful exhibition, by a fellow Cook Islander, Ani O'Neill .
I'm drawn to dots and circles, a la Damian Hirst or Yayoi Kusama. Peter Alexander has jumped on the bandwagon with crocheted socks and scarves, and this tongue in cheek 'Faux-chet' (I just made that up, haha) 'Nana Blanket' nighty - very cute!
If this crochet lark piques your fancy, then do check out this website. My friend belongs to crochet club and they create the most amazing things: The beautiful images below are from this fabulous site.

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