Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Supercool styley couples

ZaMy Jack White & Karen Elson Blog got me thinking about cool, rock & roll couples. Then I came across the latest Zadig & Voltaire Spring campaign with Mark Ronson & his French girlfriend Josephine de La Baume and decided to dedicate this Blog entry to my TOP FIVE current fave supercool couples...

1. Nick Cave & Susie Bick
How did I not not (until recently) that they were married?!! WITH twins. Of course, Nick is the King of tragic, slightly macabre yet romantic love stories. Susie is the breathtakingly stunning raven haired model who graced Westwood catwalks in the 80's 90's, & album covers for Roxy Music and The Damned. They met at a fashion show at the Natural History Museum. (She was standing under the tail of the brachiosaurus.) "I thought that she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life. And continues to be. Even elbow-deep in baby sh*t she looks pretty good to me."

2. Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis
They met in 1998. Johnny saw her from across a crowded room & fell in love with her back. "I was in the lobby of this restaurant and I just saw this back across the room. Suddenly, the back turned and looked at me. And then the eyes that were attached to the back walked toward me and said, 'Hi. Do you remember me?' I said yes, but I didn't remember because we had actually met a number of years before. But this time, I was caught." Three months later, she was pregnant. Vanessa calls their relationship "The mutual taming of two kindred rebel spirits”.

3. Ruby Rose & Catherine McNeill
It's hard to believe MTV-J turned TV host & sometime model Ruby Rose was once a bullied, ugly duckling. Mind you, I guess being a lesbian in an Australian high-school wouldn't bode well! She's now engaged to her model girlf Catherine.

4.Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp Muhl
John's boy & his socialite MTM (Model-turned-musician) fiance. I know people mock her for being a try-hard fame whore & fashionably contrived, but I still love their crazy shots & get-ups! (She reminds me of Georgina Sparks on Gossip Girl...)

5. Russell Brand & Katy Perry
OK, I have succumbed. Granted, I was very unhappy when my FAVOURITE Russell first became engaged to the oooh-I-kissed-a-girl-I'm-sooo-provocative pop tart. (Who hasn't?!) But after some careful reviewing of her character on American Idol, I decided she's actually quite sweet and funny. And she looks besotted with him, so that was enough to melt my heart. She Tweeted on his birthday "'Happy birthday to the man that owns my heart". Aww, bless. Plus, despite some crimes of fashion, sometimes she looks rather cool. AND they let themselves be photographed all dishevlled and having just rolled out of bed. Cool.

Let's just put some Russell in here. Who needs an excuse for some Russell gold?

And to finish, a cool shot from Mark Ronson & Jospehine's faux wedding shoot for Jalouse magazine.

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