Monday, June 14, 2010

Viva TK Store!

My favourite shop in Auckland is TK Store. A styley friend introduced this fabulous little mecca tucked away in Grey Lynn in 2007. Industrial, sleek design with concrete floors, a saddle in the window and Barcelona chairs to lounge on - I was in love!

It's so hard to find the perfect dress, but TK Store delivers every time. Whenever I need a party frock, I head here. And, the staff are friendly, cool & super helpful! Even better, there is now a second store in High St!

The very talented Turet Knuefermann's aesthetic is sexy, glam, tailored and cool - ideals I found hard to find in Kiwi fashion upon returning to NZ in 2007 from a seven year stint living in Sydney. I struggle with the ubiquitous Kiwi fashion look - dark, layered, shapeless. Designers like Turet understand that Kiwis want glamour too! Her inspirations include Tom Ford, Cavalli & Galliano, and their influence shines through in designs which have great names such as Dita, Hendrix and Nico.

I took my Mum to TK Store on my second visit, one morning after traipsing around Ponsonby & then getting caught in a pouring deluge, as Auckland does. We dashed into the store, soaking wet. I was on the hunt for a stylish LBD for a party, and a fabulous afternoon ensued, after we were greeted with a smile and a Flat White! I found racks of amazing dresses and tried on FOUR - ALL of which I loved and were cut to flatter my curvy figure - a refreshing experience. The salesgirls were uber helpful and suggested all sorts of styles I didn't think would work on me, but looked amazing. Check it out, at 50 Brown St in Ponsonby or the corner of Vulcan Lane & High St in Auckland City.

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